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Matt Twomey's second documentary feature is under way.

Studio Updates —

Studio updates.

Back from Birmingham

The Senior Games are over, and I'm back from shooting Team PassIt2Me's run for the Gold in 3-on-3 basketball in the over-80 division.

It went great!

I had a good team working with me that I hired from a local video production shop, and we shot 11 games all told, as well as a bunch of interviews and B-roll.

The best news: Drama did unfold before our cameras. We've got great stuff to work with, and the story arc is taking shape.

If you don't already know, I won't spoil for you just how events unfolded. It'll be better to find out at our premeire! :)

So stay tuned. And expect good things!

In the meantime, check out this piece Sports Illustrated did on the team of brothers ahead of the Games:


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