Winning At Life
Matt Twomey's second documentary feature is under way.

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"Winning At Life" - What , Why & How?

In 2007, I attended my first Senior Games to cheer on my 70-year-old father, his twin brother and his older brother in 3-on-3 basketball. The event was a revelation! It was so impressive to see thousands of seniors, so full of life, turn out to compete in all kinds of sports - tennis, swimming, archery, volleyball, track and field, etc. There is an excellent documentary about the Games called "Age of Champions."

"Winning At Life" will be something different, following these three remarkable brothers' journey to their third Senior Games - they were bested in the quarterfinals their first time out, but went back to win the Gold in 2011. That time they had to play without their older brother, John, so now they want to go back with all three surviving brothers for one last time.

Or so they say; personally, I wouldn't count them out for 2021.

And I should know, because the team is made up of my dad and two uncles (as well as a couple other guys).

But while a basketball tournament, and riding along with one team, lends the film a certain structure and intimacy, along the way it will also delve into the question of how to live well in old age, in body and mind, and it will do so with humor and science.

Spoiler alert: So far we've already filmed interviews with Tom and Dan and caught up with them at their qualifying game in New Jersey, which they won decisively, 36-11. (Older brother John qualified in his home state of North Carolina, but will team up with the twins for the national tournament in June 2017 in Birmingham, Ala.)

This project is unfunded as yet, and will need to raise substantial funds to take our filmmaking team to Birmingham and shoot the tournament, as well as other travel and production costs.

Please give generously at our GoFundMe page:

And stay tuned!